Contact Viv for seal engraving service 
Please note I DO NOT offer a GENERAL engraving service

Please telephone 0754 1387405 if urgent

Due to email rejection I am asking all new potential trade clients to contact me by 

telephone  or TEXT MESSAGE

3 weeks is normal turnaround even at Christmas, but allow extra at holiday times

Estimates generally are not necessary the majority of crest are £120.00 C O A average  £220

Please phone before or after posting so I know a trip to sorting office necessary.

Every photograph in my website is laser engraving

Just to clarify as I am asked this all the time , every solitary photograph in my website is a laser engraving

ALMOST every ring engraved was a customers order , and the majority order castings because cheaper

Carpe Diem under arme holding swans neck is a Euromounts & Findings 13mm x 11mm Die Stamping

When engraving banners with text is possibly the only time when a die stamping is of a benefit 

The banner I can not enhance by hand engraving denser metal = smoother finish 

Stone engraving service hopefully in 2018

It has taken approximately 3 years of trial and error to perfect my laser crest engraving process

Most of this time was spent concentrating on precious metals , Gold, Silver, Palladium, Platinum

I am now turning my attention to stone engraving , and I have had limited success so far

Some crest designs will undoubtedly produce better results than others  C O A,  I doubt will work at all

So far I have successfully engraved Bloodstone & Lapiz with demi lion & lion rampant 

The biggest challenge is centralising the engraving onto the stone , metal I can test mark and polish out.


Deep reverse crest engraving Average price £120.00

Full Coat Of Arms 

Average price £220.00

Postal Address

Please note under no cercumstances whatsoever do I entertain clients at my premises.

Crest and seal engraving requires total concentration and as I am a sole trader , I  do not have staff to answer the telephone and I can not hear the door bell from my workshop.

PO BOX 782



Please phone or text once posted or it may sit at sorting office for days

Telephone 0208 0909340

answer machine often 

Mobile 0754 1387405

Early mornings are best