Trade Clients We Supply Crest Engraving To 

I only  decided in 2017 to offer a trade service

Trade crest engraver making and engraving signet rings

The trade are sceptical of anything new and as far as crest engraving by laser is concerned so was I

Like most people I initially relied on a trade engraver "R H Wilkins" I was only being asked for 3 or four crest engravings per year and they were happy to oblige and NEVER LET ME DOWN !

But in 2013 I started getting request's every week but under the "Rebus" brand name Wilkins was getting far to busy and was having to quote longer and longer or were unable to do mine at all.

Laser engraving seemed like a viable option and now I supply 3 or more a week direct to the public

Laure Filho Jewellery Cheltenham

Laure is a lady with a passion for organic design if you are looking for something different to my own standard plain ovals , cushions & shield shapes she will be delighted to supply both public and trade alike , now teamed up with me to offer crest and seal engravings on her own style of products.

An extract from her own website , click on photo for more information

I fuse traditional craftsmanship with an artist’s eye to create strikingly different jewellery. Precious metals and stones in simple, unstructured, organic forms give the work a tactile, earthy quality.

G Cornell & Sons Maidstone Kent ME15 6JG

G Cornell & Sons Maidstone crest engraving service

G Cornell & Sons Ltd are a family run high street shop in Maidstone Kent with on the premises craftsmen undertaking day to day bespoke made to order jewellery and repairs.

They approached me late in 2016 for an urgent crest engraving their regular engraver could not do in time , and as it was a straight forward crest took the gamble on my laser engraving technique.

I have since provided numerous crest engravings , monograms and initial  & handmade some signet rings for their clients from their own sentimental gold , old jewellery.

If you would prefer to buy your crest engraved signet ring over the counter face to face , their staff will be delighted to assist you. They will also arrange to engrave your own jewellery if you prefer, a little more expensive as they will include shop profit to cover their day to day cost's and will also add 20% VAT invoiced directly to you with the usual guarantees.

Baileys Jewellers Horsell Surrey

Baileys jewellers Horsell Surrey crest engraving service

This well established family run business has been providing engraving services to their clients for many years , via a  traditional hand engraver.

Unfortunately due to health related issues their regular engraver was unable to complete outstanding crest engravings , I was delighted to step in and supply a temporrary solution while he recovers to good health.

Just Castings Ltd In Hatton garden EC1

Just Castings hatton garden crest engraving service

I provide Just Castings a trade crest and seal engraving service for their own trade clients and if as a trade customer you would prefer to deliver and collect from EC1 & be provided a VAT invoice they will be delighted to send your work on to me & also provide a reference if required.

Just Castings Ltd have been providing me with exceptional quality casting service mainly producing the large range of bulk cast silver signet rings I use for my stock design discounted crest rings.

Occasionally when I need signet rings cast to size without a join especially important for white metals such as palladium , white gold & platinum which inevitably appear with time they cast those for me as well.

I have an arrangement with them to provide castings to retailers made from my master patterns invoiced to client but delivered to me for engraving

Bianca Jones Jewellery London 

Bianca Jones jewellery designer in London EC1

Bianca manufactures all sorts of jewellery , But mainly sterling silver pendants and earrings etc

She also provides Vermiel plated jewellery for customers wanting gold but at an affordable price

An extract from her own website , click on photo for more information

London based jeweller Bianca Jones’ obsession of using jewellery to carry her loved ones with her stems from her nomadic upbringing throughout Asia

Sally Clay Jewellery

Sally Clay jewellery designer

Sally manufactures all sorts of jewellery , But mainly sterling silver cufflinks & bracelets etc

She also provides her own in house laser engraving service 

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